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Excluding and Demobilizing the Urban Poor: The Case of Chile’s Urban Margins

Fecha: 28 agosto 2020, 13:00 a 14:30 Horas.
Vía Microsoft Teams.
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Dr. Simón Escoffier
Investigador Principal del ICHEM de la Universidad Autónoma de Chile. Magíster en Sociología de la London School of Economics y Doctor en Sociología de la Universidad de Oxford. Investiga sobre marginalidad urbana, movilización social y dinámicas políticas.

Excluding and Demobilizing the Urban Poor: The Case of Chile’s Urban Margins
Researchers often explain the political exclusion and social demobilization of the urban underprivileged as the result of market-oriented policies that privilege profit over democratic human development. This view, however, provides a totalizing picture that cannot fully account for the ways in which demobilization occurs in particular sections of society or for why exceptional collectives mobilize under the same policies. The Chilean urban poor have a history of intense social mobilization. Their persistent struggle over housing and social rights during most of the 20th century shaped Chilean cities and resisted dictatorial oppression. After the democratic transition in 1990, however, the urban underprivileged experienced intense marginalization and demobilization. This article draws on qualitative fieldwork in two of Santiago’s marginalized neighborhoods and on other original empirical studies to produce an innovative framework of social demobilization. This framework explains how the urban poor sustain demobilization as the dynamic interaction between three factors. Two of them function as necessary conditions to deactivate collective action: (1) precluded political opportunities and (2) spatial marginalization. A third factor is sufficient for sustaining demobilization: (3) socializing governance. The framework hence accounts for how certain groups resist these factors and, against the odds, engage in collective action.

Dr. Juan Pablo Rodríguez
Investigador Postdoctoral del Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Universidad de Oxford, y Profesor Adjunto de la Universidad de Bristol. Máster en Pensamiento Social y Politico de la Universidad de Birmingham y Doctor en Sociología de la Universidad de Bristol. Investiga sobre movimientos sociales, marginalidad social, teoría crítica y América Latina.

Dra. Alejandra Ramm
Profesora de la Escuela de Sociología de la Universidad de Valparaíso. Master en Investigación Social por Goldsmiths College y Doctora en Sociología de la Universidad de Cambridge. Investiga sobre activismo, género, políticas públicas, identidad colectiva y marginalidad social.  

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